Ethics and Integrity Guideline

The LUDWIG FREYTAG group of companies strengthens the compliance of a values programme that is relevant for  business activities and is supposed to be meeting future requirements by the implementation of an Ethics and Integrity Guideline. With this initiative, we are acting in the belief that the maintenance and improvement of the reputation of the LUDWIG FREYTAG group of companies as trustworthy and fair partner who acts in compliance with the law strengthens our market position.

Our actions and behaviour in the company are generally characterised by the basic value of integrity. The reputation built by our executives and ultimately all employees in our long company tradition for fair, reliable and contractually compliant planning and execution of our activities must be confirmed in each new business transaction, from calculation via the purchase of materials, subcontractor services up to execution and accounting.

The complete Ethics and Integrity Guideline can be downloaded as a Dokument Icon PDF.