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Company group

The right partner for every task

Our orientation: universal. Our aspiration: individual. Discover the wide diversity of Ludwig Freytag’s services.

The evolved expertise from four generations, the performance and innovative capacity of some 1,900 qualified employees and the full versatility of a finely synchronized group of fourteen independent, individual medium-sized companies: all this guarantees optimal solutions for every task in the wide field of construction.

Following on from the traditional values and virtues of its founding period, the Ludwig Freytag Group is currently active in several highly specialised business fields. At the same time, it also implements all-inclusive solutions ranging from planning and turnkey completion through to support and maintenance for construction projects of various types and sizes. The basis for action is the pursuit of a constantly improving, expanding range for our clients’ benefit.

The headquarters in Oldenburg is the hub for a company network covering all areas of construction with branches, subsidiaries and affiliated companies that guarantee expertise and customer proximity at all times.
A modern, high-performance equipment pool with machines of all sizes is maintained and serviced centrally here.

However, the key basis for the company’s positive development is evidently a well-trained team with all necessary qualifications which maintains a constructive, committed, partnership-based working relationship with the clients.
As an innovative, versatile construction technology and service company group, we are all about Ludwig Freytag. Planning. Building. Maintaining.

  • All
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Building preservation
  • Underground and pipeline construction
  • Turnkey Construction
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Pipeline and plant construction
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Road construction
  • Engineering services and general planning
  • Ordnance recovery
  • Special underground and well construction
  • Project development
  • Industry service

Ethics and integrity

The Ludwig Freytag Group has established a comprehensive system of values by implementing an ethics and integrity code of practice, which is applicable to all our business activities at all times now and in the future. Further growth in our reputation as a fair partner who complies with the law transforms ethical principles that are very important to us while strengthening our position in the market.

For us, all corporate activities and behaviour are shaped by the fundamental value of integrity. The trust that we have all built up during our company’s long history in fair, reliable planning and execution of our activities according to contract must be affirmed in every new business process – from calculation and purchase of materials through to after-business services, execution and invoicing. This is because we believe that new values can only become established where values are lived by at all times.

The complete ethics and integrity guidelines can be downloaded in PDF format.