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Civil engineering

Civil engineering

We create high-grade, ambitious civil engineering structures based on our extensive wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise. Moreover, we have the aspiration, willingness and skills to familiarise ourselves with new areas of activity and specialised fields on an ongoing basis.

Uniting tradition and innovation enables us to constantly build challenging special structures and use special construction methods in addition to standard projects. There is no challenge that we are not able to handle.

Hydraulic engineering and coastal protection

The 21st Century is already referred to as “the century of hydraulic engineers”. There is a great need for new replacement structures and improvements in coastal protection. After enormous investment during the post-war period, many structures have now aged considerably. Rising sea levels and the increase in extreme weather events have also led to increased structural requirements. As one of the region’s leading experts in hydraulic engineering and coastal protection, we at Ludwig Freytag are well equipped for the challenges that modern coastal protection presents.

Our main services in brief:

  • Flood barriers
  • Sluice structures
  • Ship locks
  • Bucket elevators
  • Pumping stations
Ludwig Freytag – Verkehrsinfrastruktur

Transport infrastructure

One particular challenge in building challenging civil engineering structures for transport infrastructures often lies in maintaining rail and road traffic flows during the construction phase. The use of special construction methods with temporary auxiliary bridges during construction or the insertion of structures have enabled us to demonstrate our capabilities in various projects over past decades.

Our services in brief:

  • Tunnel construction/trough structures
  • Railway bridges
  • Insertion of frame structures
  • Fixed or movable bridge structures
  • Retaining walls

Special structures

Special structures in civil engineering are unique. The implementation of special designs and construction processes while taking into account special regulations and tolerances requires a high degree of expertise. We have been able to successfully plan and implement challenging, innovative projects in cooperation with our clients over the years.

Our services in brief:

  • Special foundations
  • Digester towers, storage and silo structures using the slip forming technique
  • Testing bays
  • Turbine foundations
  • Massive prefabricated reinforced concrete components
Ludwig Freytag – Sonderbauwerke

Further fields of structural and civil engineering