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Structure restoration

Structure restoration at Ludwig Freytag –
complete carefree renovation

From consulting and planning through to execution, we offer our customers a full range of services in renovations and subsequent reinforcement of concrete components.

Our specialist knowledge, our highly qualified staff and comprehensive modern equipment allow us to carry out extremely complex repair tasks. In doing so, we meet all requirements for high quality assurance and permanent internal and external monitoring.

Our service types

Reinforcement of concrete supporting structures:

  • Bonded reinforcement
    • CFRP slats
    • Prestressed CFRP slats
    • Slot-in slats
    • Steel slats
    • CF sheets
  • Cross-section replenishment through concrete replacement
    • Concrete replacement systems (mortar or concrete)
    • Sprayed concrete and mortar
    • Concrete, mortar, textile-reinforced concrete
    • Adding and replacing reinforcement
    • Reinforcement welding work

Concrete refurbishment:

  • Concrete replacement systems
    • Polymer-modified repair concrete/mortar (PCC, SPCC)
    • Reaction resin repair concrete/mortar (PC)
    • Cement-bound concrete and mortar
    • Sprayed concrete/mortar
    • Grouting concrete/mortar
    • PMMA concrete/mortar
  • Injection Systems
    • Force-fit injection
    • Non-pressurised filling or pouring
    • Subsequent external sealing by gelling
    • Foundation ground stabilisation
    • Structure lifting
  • Coatings
    • Surface protection systems
    • Parking structure coatings
    • Industrial coatings
    • Coatings in compliance with German Water Resources Act

Repair planning:

  • Structural surveys
    • Non-destructive tests
      • Visual inspection
      • Concrete cover measurement
      • Concrete compressive strength
      • Potential field measurement
    • Destructive tests
      • Concrete compressive strength
      • Determining modulus of elasticity (E module)
      • Concrete cover
      • Carbonisation depth
      • Chloride content
      • Layer thickness measurement
  • Planning of repair measures
    • Creation of repair concepts by certified expert partners
    • Creation of repair schedules
    • Assessment of stability by structural engineers

Our areas of expertise:
Other Ludwig Freytag services in brief.