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Network and cable line construction

Network and cable line construction

A failure-free supply of energy, water and heat is taken for granted these days. We no longer want to make compromises when it comes to telecommunications and the Internet either. As a DVGW- and AGFW-certified company, Ludwig Freytag is a reliable, expert partner in expanding and upgrading networks. All our services come from a single supplier and meet a high-quality standard to boot.

A well-developed communication and data network is required to expand digitisation. Ludwig Freytag covers the entire field of telecommunications: we lay protective conduits and underground cables using both trenching and non-disruptive methods.

We also pull and blow in fibre optic cables and provide installation services for copper and fibre optic networks and installation work for Network Level 4. We provide engineering and documentation services and offer rapid-response services with repair crews. When it comes to electrical engineering, we cover the entire range from the installation of a 1kV building connection through to systems installation for the 380 kV high-voltage network.

Our main services in brief:
  • Power cable construction
  • Telecommunications construction
  • Blow-in of fibre-optic cables
  • Installation services for copper and fibre optic networks
  • Installation work for Network Level 4
  • Project planning and documentation
  • Rapid response and repair crew services

Further fields of underground and pipeline construction