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RMT Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH

Ammerländer Heerstr. 368
26129 Oldenburg

Phone +49 441 97181-0
Fax +49 441 97181-10

RMT Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH

RMT Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH has been active in pipeline and plant construction across Germany for more than 25 years. We manufacture mechanical engineering plants in primary materials supply, supply and waste management industries, and power and environmental engineering. We build plants requiring acceptance inspection for industry, natural gas, crude oil, hydrogen, drinking water and district heating, either as prefabricated systems or directly on construction sites.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Gas treatment & compressor plants, station construction for long-distance pipelines, fuel & refinery plants
  • Drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment
  • Sewage treatment plants, combined heat & power plants, district heating pipelines
  • Refrigeration plants, landfill degassing
  • Leachate treatment, pipe systems cleaning
  • Special structures
  • Industry service
  • Pipeline drilling engineering